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Buy Gabapentin Online for Neuropathic Pain

A sharp burning or shooting pain experienced by people is known as neuropathic pain. This pain can come and disappear on its own but mostly becomes chronic. sometimes, it is severe and unbearable while at other times, it comes and goes without much ado. It is often a result of malfunctioning nervous system or nerve damage. The effect of nerve damage leads to a change in nerve functions. Neuropathic pain seems to have no visible cause but some causes may be alcoholism, diabetes, chemotherapy, amputation, multiple myeloma, HIV Aids and facial nerve problems. However, with drugs like Gabapentin, you can control your neuropathic pain effectively. You can buy gabapentin online as per your physician’s recommendations, from the comfort of your home.


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The dosage of Gabapentine depends on the age, medical condition being treated, severity of the condition, reaction to the first dose and other medical conditions of the patient. The medicine comes in many variants and is discharged in the body in different manner. Hence the dose for each person differs. Gabapentin comes in oral capsule/tablet of 100mg, 300mg and 400mg formulation.

Starting normal dose is 300mg for day 1, 600mg for day 2 (300mg twice per day), and 900mg for day 3 (300mg thrice per day, evenly spaced out). The doctor might increase the dose after the completion of 3 days


The use of Gabapentin with eosinophilia could lead to severe reactions and systemic symptoms syndrome that can prove to be fatal. If you experience swollen lymph nodes, fever and rash, immediately call the doctor. The can also cause chronic allergic reaction, including trouble in breathing, swelling of tongue/throat and hives.

Do not take alcohol while using Gabapentin. This could lead to tiredness and exhaustion, creating concentration disability or dizziness. Stopping the medicine suddenly may increase the chances of a medical condition called epilepticus. Seizures occur for long or short duration during this. Consult your doctor and buy Gabapentin online for symptomatic relief.